Photo archives - 3
If you can identify people or occasions or bureaus or date any of these photos, please e-mail us.
3.1 Franklin and Centre Streets, about 1942-1944, with the old Courthouse on the left and the old Tombs on the right; the "Bridge of Sighs" connected the two. Directly ahead across the street is the then recently completed WPA project -- 100 Centre Street. Above the north entrance hallway are visible a few windows of the newly opened DA's Office on either the 8th or 9th floor.
(Thanks to Peter McQuillan for this description)

3.2  Jerry Kidder and Mr. Hogan.

3.3  Frauds Bureau, about 1962
L to R: Mr. Hogan, Jerry Kidder (Bureau Chief), Oscar Cohen, Murray Gross, Lenny Newman, Bill Jones, Edward H. Murphy.

3.4 Ida Van Lindt with Mr. Hogan.


3.6 Frauds Bureau, about 1959.
Standing L to R: Robert J. Ward,
Sheldon S. Levy, William F. Suglia;
seated L to R: Leonard Newman, Jerry Kidder, Joseph Stone.

3.7 Mr. Hogan and the bureau chiefs and General Sessions Judge John Mullins (possibly after a swearing-in ceremony for Mr. Hogan following his reelection in the late 1960s).

3.8 Joe Stone and the $64,000 Question exposé.

3.9 Peter McQuillan writes that this photo "was taken about 1950. I recognize a lot of the faces. For example, at the front table alone I see William F. Ryan, Harold Mayer, and Morris Goldman."

3.10 Carl Bogan and Telly Savalas of Kojak in the 1970s.

3.11 Detective Al Alessi testifies at Knapp Commission hearing.
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