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Web sites and pages of fellow Hogan Associates, plus some others of interest to all. Please send information about your web presence, or that of other Associates.
The Finnegans Wake Society of New York's web site
Murray Gross
leads members in the search for meanings in Joyce's last great work, a landmark literary masterpiece of the 20th century.

Judge S. Michael Nadel's
New York City District of the
New York State Court of Claims web site:

Clear and useful information about Court of Claims procedure generally and for cases before Judge Nadel in particular as well as links for substantive research.

About President/General Manager
William F. Dowling of the
New Britain Rock Cats on their web site
An AA Baseball team, Eastern League Affiliate of the
Minnesota Twins

Scott's Memoir
a web site by his father, David A. Goldstein

"My main purpose in bringing my web site, Scott's Memoir, to the attention of fellow Hogan Associates is to encourage them to contact me if I can be of any help in assisting any of them, or anyone they know, who might benefit from communicating about dealing with serious and/or terminal illnesses of loved ones.

"I wish I hadn't been placed in the position of being available to provide comfort to others on these issues. However, recognizing that in life we don't choose the cards we're dealt, I long ago determined to dedicate my life to always being available to help others to cope, and to learn to milk every ounce of joy and happiness out of each day, in what would otherwise be an unbearable, gloomy existence, filled with excruciating emotional pain and despair."

Judge William Donnino's Queens Supreme Court web site,
with an Internet Legal Research page of links to various NY & Federal law resources.
The Smithwick Family
where the S. in Frank S. Hogan comes from.
The New York State District Attorneys Association
Reminiscence of Frank S. Hogan in third paragraph from end of 1979-1980 section