About the
Frank S. Hogan Associates

FRANK S. HOGAN ASSOCIATES was established in 1981 largely through the efforts of Judge Joseph Stone who was prompted to create an organization to carry on the tradition of the Office of Frank S. Hogan -- MR. DISTRICT ATTORNEY -- in order to maintain the ties of friendship and dedication to public service that distinguished those who served with Mr. Hogan.

Through meetings, reunions, publications and personal contacts, the camaraderie that characterized the Office has been maintained and the highest standards of integrity and dedication to duty in whatever endeavors the associates have pursued have been encouraged.

Prominent among the Association’s activities have been newsletters -- which now are being replaced by the News section of this web site -- and annual dinners, which are normally held in the spring. At the dinners a few Associates are singled out for recognition for their contribution to the goals of the Association. Edward J. Wright serves as Dinner Chairman, Ronald Goldstock as Master of Ceremonies.

Kevin J. McKay acquits the responsibilities of Secretary, while Murray J. Gross as President/Treasurer carries out the administration of the organization. Annual dues are $25.